It is an Employee work scheduling and Forecasting tool for highly dynamic environments like Restaurants.

The important thing is it is not a stand-alone tool for PC but something that has a web interface that could be worked on even from a Mobile.

It is available for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch. It is also available on Android tablet or phone. The app for blackberry is also available.

hotschedules for restaurant

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Hotschedules was founded in around 1999 by experienced guys from Restaurants understanding the real problems that this industry faces when it comes to day to day or time to time scheduling.

The company is located in Austin Texas.

It is being used by around six thousand local and international clients.

Some of the important benefits that Hotschedules provides are :

-Controlling costs.

-Better information dissemination and communication.

-Forecasting of sales and Labour.

-Hiring people in paperless mode with their product GoHire.

-And the most important one, very high productivity.

The latest version on Ios platform is Hotschedules 3.06. It requires mimimum Ios version of 4.3. It is optimized for Iphone 5. The total size of the app is around 6MB.

What could Restaurant Industry expect from Hotschedules ?

Better management of workforce.

-Stopping adhoc methods of scribbling schedules on paper or bills etc.

-Reducing employee frustration and turnover.

-Forget the physical log book and starting to using a digital one.

-Access from web and mobile apps.

-Get better control of shift details and staff journal.

-Hotschedules does not depend on number of locations or the company size.

-Integration with POS.


The training and support from Hotschedules is supposed to be one of the best till you get the complete understaning of the whole process.

Check  this page for more details relating to logging in to Hotshedules.

What restaurants have reported:

Better guest satisfactions due to high employee satisfaction.

-Hotschedules diverts almost everything a Restaurant manager does on to the web. Nothing remains offline or untraceable.

-Employees can select or cancel shifts with simple easy clicks…

-Very high improvement in Management communication.

-Schedule based communication to a single or group of employees at a single go.

-The single capture database called Digital Log book has helped to log almost everything that a restaurant does on to it.

Hotschedules was in fact selected as “Vendor of the year for 2013” by the famous Bloomin’ Brands Restaurant chain. Wine Bar and Roy’s restaurants, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s Italian Grill belong to this group. Bloomin’ Brands has expressed that  Hotschedules helped them run their operations in much better way than before. The employees there have got a powerful  access point for everything they need for their restaurant management.  As per Hotschedules,  around 1 million people access the Red Book Connect cloud from their mobile apps.

As per Hotschedules, this solution has helped Restaurants reduce their scheduling times by a whopping seventy five percent!

If you are a restaurant and planning to buy Hotschedules, definitely try to get in touch with existing users of Hotschedules to get the best honest feedback.

And if you are already using Hotschedules and have a lot to say about your experience, do not forget to put forth your comments here…

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