Hotschedules can be used from almost all the popular smart mobiles with IOS, Android and Blackberry platforms using Hotschedules app.

On Iphone,  it is called as ISchedule. Its available on the Apple app store. Blackberry makes this available in the app world. On Android, it is available at Google play as “Hotschedules” app.

Hotschedules as a restaurant employee

Hotschedules as a restaurant employee

Geoff Livingstone (CC by 2.0)

One question people often ask about this tool relates to changing the username and password.  It easily allows you to change both of these as many times you wish as long as the username is atleast 5 characters and password minimum 4 characters long.

When you create an employee profile, you need to enter a 10 digit phone number. This number is used for the Restaurant’s internal use only. It is not used for any commercial selling or advertising purpose.  It is used by the others in Restaurant in your schedule to get in touch if required for any reason. Generally this will be found in the tab called “Staff”. Even you, as an employee of the company would be able to use the phone number of your co-staff colleagues that are working on same schedule.

Using the ‘Schedules’ module

If you need to find if your schedule is posted, you need to go to your Home page.  There you will see the “Schedule status”  window.  It is actually located on the left hand side. You would be able to see the status of only those schedules that pertain to your own work groups. Even if you belong to multiple workgroups you could see them all combined on this home page in a clear cut way. Only thing to remember is that the shifts can be seen only for the posted schedules. Example if you are on both “Fry”  and “grill” workgroup, you will see the shifts only for fry because the “Grill” workgroup schedule may not have been posted.

Working in multiple restaurants :

If you are part of multiple restaurants with Hotschedules, you can see the schedules at all restaurants with separate logins for each of them. This information is not consolidated at a single home page across multiple restaurants. You have to check it one at a time.

How to create requests for time-offs using Hot schedules?

The key  to understand your special needs to ask for leaves, offs or any kind of absence is to understand ‘Availability’ and ‘Requests’.


This is the phone line where you get to know almost everything about your schedule on an IVR.

  • You can get your latest employee schedule.
  • Give up or release a shift.
  • Pick up a shift
  • Make requests for schedules
  • Listen to the important messages relating to your restaurant scheduling.

This phone line is available round the clock in both the languages  Spanish and English.

You can access this at the number (866) 753-3853 and follow the instructions.

It is important to post your phone number in the Hot schedules profile for easy access of this automated line. If you have not entered the phone number, then Hot schedules will try to validate you by asking the username and password.

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