HotSchedules (Hot.schedules)  the Company

HotSchedules was born out of daily experiences of two employees working at P.F Changs.

They were David Cantu and Ray Pawlikowski. It started with a online College project for Ray that became a huge hit with everyone from Managers and staff of restaurants..

The project addressed exactly what no one had thought before. The biggest frustration in Restaurant Industry of scheduling the staff work was the key issue that they attempted to solve with this project.

It did not take time for them to imagine that they could turn this into a solid Business plan.

And this company was born in the year 1999! Ray and David’s clear and deep understanding of the day to day issues in restaurant was a major catalyst to this idea.

Their die hard energy and enthusiasm helped them develop this app called HotSchedules (Hot.schedules).

In fact they developed a complete portfolio of apps to help the Restaurant industry deliver better value to their customers.

They did this by solving some key issues faced in this industry at the backend. In around middle of 2010, it had reached a coverage of 5000+ restaurants. It had around 450,000 people accessing its application daily. It had around 40 to 50 employees that time

Company Overview

www.hotschedules. com
Founders: David Cantu and Ray Pawlikowski
Year established:1999
Employees: 55 to 200
Other key executives: Casey Clinkenbeard, Matt Woodings and Justin Buckley.
Headquarters: Austin Texas
Industry: Solutions for Restaurant Industry
Private or Public: Private
HotSchedules phone number: (512) 904-4299 or (877) 539-5156

HotSchedules app

HotSchedules app is available for all the latest platforms: You may download them at their respective stores here:

for Iphone

for Android

for Windows mobile

for IPad

 for Blackberry

HotSchedules products:

Th product is named HotSchedules itself. It is an online app for the Restaurants Industry.integrated with POS.


This is a intuitive solution for recruiting best talent for the Restaurants. Again this is a paperless solution.


Single place to manage everything for Restaurant Manager.


Provides training and skills development for employees of restaurants


Additional features that enhance HotSchedules functionality.

Mobile apps

HotSchedules as mobile app for IOS, Android, Ipad, Blackberry and Windows too.

HotSchedules Contact :

HotSchedules 6504 Bridge Point Parkway, Suite 425 Austin, TX 78730 (512) 904-4299

HotSchedules customer care time:

Mon to Fri: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (CST) Sat to Sun: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST)

 HotSchedules merged with Redbook


Redbook connect was the best match for HotSchedules. Both David and Ray became a part of the Top Management team at Redbook connect. It decided to merge to grow and fulfill the wish lists of their ever increasing customers. The main company behind Redbook Connect is investor firm TPG.

About Redbook connect

web site: www.redbookconnect .com

Customer care phone: 866-753-3853

US sales phone: 877-741-9610

Contact email : customercare

Red Book Connect, LLC is a provider of cutting edge mobile based services in the field of retail, Hospitality and Restaurant industry.

The company provides a complete package of customizable product to simplify Managerial procedures like shift management, scheduling, training, hiring, shift related communications, BI, labor administration and inventory management. The products that are part of their suite after merging with HotSchedules are Macromatix, Go Hire, Schoox, HotSchedules, Digital Red book and Manager’s Red book.

It serves more than a million users in over128,000 geographies across 26 different countries.

HotSchedules pricing

The approx reported pricing some time back was $75/month to $200 / month depending on the version that you were looking for. But the latest price for today could be quite different. This can be checked by contacting them on their phone number (512) 904-4299 in Austin Texas.

HotSchedules modules

1. Schedules

  1. Request off
  2. Create from forecast
  3. Employee Shift trade
  4. Create Schedule from template
  5. Messaging
  6. Request off
  7. My plate
  8. Text/Email Alerts
  9. Phone/online access
  10. Portal for communications
  11. Labor budget reports
  12. Forecasting
  13. Daily Roster
  14. Sales Trends
  15. Certification for Employees
  16. Tracking for Staff Volume
  17. Alerts for Overtimes
  18. eLearning Manager Training
  19. Best Practices module is provided for speedy knowledge transfer
  20. Implementation specialist is assigned to the project to help the restaurant in their implementation.
  21. Integration of POS with daily sales and labor sync. This has enforcement of schedules too.
  22. Help desk for 24/7 in automated mode
  23. Forum Getsatisfaction
  24. A dedicated Success Manager is assigned specially for you.
  25. Last but not least a live bilingual support is available 7 days a week.




5.Customer Care in POS version


Hot.schedules in the beginning..

HotSchedules was incorporated in around 1999 by Veterans of Restaurant Industry.

They had in depth knowledge about the needs of all the staff that typically work in this Field.

Academic project of one of the founders Ray Pawlikowski turned into a dream company HotSchedules.

Their aim was to highly simplify the work of the staff in restaurants.

They also aimed to bring a balance to those working in Restaurants and at the same time improve the satisfaction of the restaurant customers.

Did they Succeed? Definitely yes.

HotSchedules (Hot.schedules ) the initial Team

The founders Ray Pawlikowski and David Cantu were extremely passionate about their idea of HotSchedules.

So they started working towards builiding a solid team to start with.

They brought in Casey Clinkenbeard for the software part and Matt Woodings for the infrastructure management at the Data Center.

The most important thing was to have a World Class Customer Care team.

For this, it recruited Justin Buckley This initial team along with the founders provided all the leadership needed to establish themselves as a unique solutions provider in Restaurant Industry.



HotSchedules  progress in the year 2005 to 2009

HotSchedules broke even somewhere in the year 2005. Every year since than their net income was always better than previous.

By 2009, Restaurants across US had started embracing this new easy to use web based online solution.

Excel spreadsheets were done away with.

There was no software to install as this was a subscription based SAAS solution. Updates and changes were easier to manage as they could be sent across through Net rather than traditional methods.

Customer Service was other area where HotSchedules was making an unmistakable impression.

The Restaurant staff were pleasantly surprised to see the kind of help that was offered at each step.

Stress in Restaurant staff communication was reduced considerably as everything could be managed and communicated remotely.

At around this time, most of their Restaurant clients were single unit type increasing at a solid rate.

It was used that time by around four thousand restaurants. The client names included big chains such as PF Changs, IHOP Corp and Outback Steakhouse.

The company was succeeding without much big promotion activity or prominent advertising.

Even Venture Capital had not shown much interest in their concept initially.

But what was building their reputation was their existing customer’s strong interest and positive feedback about the product.

Applebees selected HotSchedules

Applebees Restaurant Franchise chain selected HotSchedules for managing their day to restaurant workforce and scheduling management during the end of year 2009.

Applebees belongs to Amrest. Amrest is an important brand in Europe for Restaurants especially in Eastern and Central parts..

The main issue faced by Amrest was creating the schedule itself. It was a extremely painful process to produce a simple schedule.

It was further difficult to manage the shift changes or other ad hoc requests that were communicated from time to time.

With HotSchedules, they could drastically cut down scheduling times and request managements stress.

It was found that HotSchedules staffing and scheduling methods reduced overtimes thereby cutting staff expenses.

In addition HotSchedules, did measure up very well on the front of employee satisfaction. Just using HotSchedules made them a desirable employer to work with!

In addition, they also did away with their old paper log book. They replaced it with HotSchedules’s digital one.

The digital logbook provided one central place to store all the information for the Manager and one place for all employees to access it from.

The Digital logbook was and is available as both stand alone as well as version integrated with HotSchedules..

HotSchedules’s success with Virtualization.

HotSchedules’s growing clientele made them look for some innovative solutions for Hardware infrastructure.

They did spend on cloud computing initially. But soon found that it somehow did not meet their needs very well.

HotSchedules then turned to Software virtualization for creating more servers without using extra hardware.

They started using Microsoft’s virtualization technology called Hyper-V since 2008.

With this, the company’s server and electricity costs came down to sanity.

This helped them tremendously in accommodating their ever increasing client base.

The monthly expenses started falling in the acceptable range.

This helped HotSchedules in improving their profitability.

HotSchedules found that Virtualization though a very intuitive technology, did need better in-house expertise and capability.

HotSchedules important milestones

HotSchedules reached a milestone of 5000 restaurants

HotSchedules touched the mark of 5000 restaurants in the year 2010. As per HotSchedules, the software had around 450,000 daily users. In 2010, the company had around 45 employees and almost 3 versions of their app.


HotSchedules honored as healthiest employers.

On March 1st 2011, HotSchedules was honored as one of the healthiest employers of Central Texas.

This was done by Austin Business Journal and Seton..

The award recognized employers who strived and aimed to create a health workplace..

The important catalyst for the award could have been the competition called “Hotfit challenge” organized by HotSchedules..

This competition included contests for weight loss and muscle building. .

HotSchedules / hot.schedules named to Austin American Statesman’s Top Workplaces list

for the third year in a row on 10th Dec 2013

Funding for Redbook Connect

Jan 9 2013.

Funding for Redbook Connect ( the merged HotSchedules parent company) from TPG group based in Fort Worth..

It also received funding from Instawares Holding Company.

Red book Connect created a new cutting edge tech platform and complete bunch of solutions for retail, hospitality and Restauranys .

Larry A. Abramson becomes CEO of Redbook Connect !


He came from Oracle. He was Senior Vice President and GM at their Advance Customer service center.

The growth of Redbook Connect was phenomenal and it really needed someone special to keep the momentum and even take the group further.

Hot.Schedules partnership with Corvirtus


Partnership with Corvirtus to develop Hiring Tools.

Corvirtus is a global award winning Talent Management leader.

They teamed up with them to develop some cool staff assessment functionality into their GoHire product.

HotSchedules / hot.schedules integrates with Focus POS


The top POS player Focus communicated that it had integrated Redbook Connect’s HotSchedules labor management solution with their POS.

The smart intuitive features of Focus POS will be available with the productivity processes of HotSchedules.

Red book Connect introduces app for catering to ‘jobs search of restaurants’

July 30 2014

The app is called HotSchedules post.

Using this, the restaurants can build their restaurant profile, promote themelves, make updates and post job listing.

They can search for users and their profiles.

Most importantly they can share the job listings with their existing employees and followers.

The goal is to try to speed up the process to get the right candidate for the job.

Since, total manpower requirement in Restaurant Industry is quite high, this app is believed to help the Restaurant owners a lot.

As per statitics 10% of work force is employed in US is in Restaurants industry.

Revention Integration with HotSchedules


The popular brand in POS Revention was the next one after Focus. to announce integration with HotSchedules.

They confirmed that they would exclusively recommend HotSchedules as preferred work force management solution.

They mentioned that sharing each others data for integration would them help create a potent solution for the Restaurant users


HotSchedules year 2010

Beginning of year 2010 was marked by mobile app for Black berry.

The company did have app for Iphone.

Their app was quite a big hit on Apple platform ranking in the first 25 most downloaded apps.

Around 1,200 were being downloaded by its users every month.

But there were a growing number of HotSchedules users desiring it for other platforms too.

There was a strong demand for Black Berry app on various Social circles especially Facebook and Twitter.

Addressing this demand and various feature requests, HotSchedules decided to get it ready at the earliest.

The app was soon available for download at the price for $2.99 on Blackberry Appworld.

Initially it had features only for the employees Subsequently, Manager related features were also introduced.

In April 2010, Sticky Fingers smokehouse adopted HotSchedules.

Sticky Fingers is a BBQ restaurant with presence in around 18 locations around South Eastern US.

Go here for help on Hotschedules Login page
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