Online Employee Scheduling possible with Hotschedules

Hotschedules online employee scheduling is an online employee scheduling platform used by Restaurants all over the World.


Hotschedules Online Employee Scheduling

HotSchedules Online Employee Scheduling

Hotschedules login Employee

The Hotschedules / Hotschedule online employee scheduling process starts with the Manager handing over the Employee a Welcome sheet. This has the temporary password to Hotschedules Login besides other details.

When the employee gets his welcome sheet, he should login to online employee scheduling tool with the username and password mentioned mentioned in the welcome sheet.

He must change the password when using Hotschedules / Hotschedule for the first time.

He ensure that this password is noted down and remembered well to avoid Hotschedules Login issues.

The tool does away with all the old messy paperwork involved in employee scheduling earlier.

The whole activity related to employee scheduling is online including any messaging related to the Restaurant work.

Hotschedules online employee scheduling has a whole range of features like pickups, Releases, swaps and Requests catering to very specific needs of the employees and Restaurants.

The employee has no need to write anything down on paper, diary or stick notes on any boards for any reason at all.

Using Hotschedules online employee scheduling, when an employee needs an off he can just mention the reason for his absence on the corresponding requests. The Managers check and approve them evaluating other such requests and their own manpower needs for corresponding time slots.

One should remember that Hotschedules online employee scheduling has some unwritten protocol to use it in a holistic way:

-It is a good etiquette to not ask for personal numbers of other employees on Hotschedules messaging if either one is married.

-Cursing and Bad words won’t get you anywhere when using Messaging in Hotschedules online employee scheduling. Be careful, words once spoken(sent) cannot be reverted and could create permanent sour relationships.

-Your Manager can easily understand your “off” requests submitted for party hangovers. Don’t drink and use Hotschedules online employee scheduling for such things as these.

Hotschedules online employee scheduling even gives you an alert telling you in how many minutes your shift is starting. This helps when you are far off from the Restaurant and the shift is starting in short time.

The important aspect of this tool is that it allows you to see not just your own but even schedules of other co-workers.

Example, say you want to just check who is working and who is not working on Friday. You can find this very easily using ‘Hotschedules online employee scheduling’.

-Go to your personal homepage.

You will find your entire schedule when clicking the Home tab.

-Select the option “View Entire Schedule”.

-Select the week for which you need to see the Schedule.

A new window will show you all who are working on that week.

Please ensure that the popup blocker is not blocking HotSchedules site when using this feature.

You can see only those schedules that are posted (meaning confirmed).

If you do not wish to check this employee scheduling HotSchedules online, you can very well take a printout and keep it for ready reference.

Some important features included inHotSchedules online employee scheduling are:

HotSchedules online employee scheduling Requests

Employees may request for time offs when they have some personal matter to attend. This is a big advantage because the employee does not have to call his Manager and explain whenever he needs to take an off. He has to simply go online and use this feature in Hotschedules.

Hotschedules not only provides feature for requesting offs, but also for requesting to work on specific shifts. These requests could be for certain time slots or shifts on one time or recurring basis.
HotSchedules Swaps
Swapping shifts in ‘Hotschedules online employee scheduling’ simply means exchanging your own shift with those of other employees of the Restaurant.

HotSchedules Swaps

HotSchedules Swaps

The other employee has to accept the request for this swap first.

After that, the respective Manager has to OK this shift exchange before it actually shows up in your HotSchedules Schedule.

HotSchedules Pickups

If you wish to work on a shift or time-slot, that you are normally not working, Pickups can be used. You must keep in mind that you need to have job code for that work category to pickup a particular shift. What this means is you won’t be able to see server shifts if you have a job code for bar tender. You need to get the proper job code before you can pick up a specific Hotschedules shift. If you know you can manage that specific work in the shift, you may talk to your Manager to get the job code for that work assigned first.

After that, the procedure to do this on Hotschedules online employee scheduling’ is very simple:

Go to Home tab and find your schedule under My plate.

There you will see a link “Pickup Shift” for a shift that you are already not working.

Click on this link. You will see the shift details of that particular shift. See if it suits you. Then if you wish to want to work on that shift, click on the link “Pickup shift” besides the details. You may mention the reason for pickup,   that may help the Manager review the request.

After that, the  shift will show “as pending for approval” till it is approved by your Manager.

The Manager gets a notification through the Messaging module in Hotschedules messaging to approve it..

Once approved,  you too will get a message from Hotschedules messaging module.  If you have configured your account with proper options, you will also receive an email or text for this.
HotSchedules online employee scheduling house Shift

Please remember that your Restaurant Manager may choose to give importance/preference to certain time slots or shifts when assigning them to employees.  HotSchedules provides this with the concept of “House shifts”. House shifts are those shifts which are critical for the Restaurant and no one is assigned or working on those time slots.

When you pickup a shift on a particular day and if there is a House shift also available for that time slot, you will be assigned both the shifts.

One shift that you asked for and the other the House shift.

The Manager then takes a decision on which one you get depending on his priority.

Some Restaurants may not want this feature. HotSchedules has possibility of turning it off too.

Hence, if you don’t see House shifts in your Hotschedules online employee scheduling tool,  don’t be surprised,  as this option may have been disabled on purpose by your Restaurant.
HotSchedules Releases
 This as the name suggests are opposite of Pickups. You may release certain shifts that you do not wish to work from your HotSchedules Schedules. You may mention the reasons and get them approved from your Manager similar to how it works for Pickups.

HotSchedules Release

HotSchedules Release

The point to remember is that until some other employee is ready to work for your released Shift and actually picks it up, you should be available for that shift.

Procedure to Release the HotSchedules shift:

Go to My plate under the Home tab.

Click on the ‘Release’ link to the right side of the shift you wish to release.

You may select the reason for releasing the shift. After that, once you click on submit,  the request for release will be submitted to the Hotschedules system. If you don’t want to submit, you may click on the cancel link.

Once Submitted, you will get a message saying that you still are working on that shift until someone else picks it up and the Manager approves it.

The Manager will receive the notification to approve this release.

If someone picks this release and Manager approves it, only than your shift is actually released.

In between, if you change your mind, you could also cancel the release by clicking on the “Cancel Release” link besides that particular shift.
Automatic Pickups and Releases
Hotschedules online employee scheduling tool also has a very intuitive feature of automating the Pickups and releases.

With Automatic Pickups and Releases, one can automatically pickup or release shifts within specific time frames. At present this is possible for the current and consecutive week.

For Instance,  say you want to work on evening shift for Mondays. And it is not available for the current week. But if you configure auto pickup for Monday, next week, as soon as it is available, you will be assigned to it automatically. The Manager Approval part remains the same.

For Releases, similarly if you know that you cannot work for Tuesday morning shifts, you may set auto release for same.

Once you have setup an Auto Pickup and Auto Release in HotSchedules, you can delete them when you don’t need them. This option is available as link under Home tab just besides My Schedule.

All in all, Hotschedules online employee scheduling has almost all the features you could ever need from a Restaurant Scheduling tool. online employee scheduling tool is a very intuitive and comprehensive tool covering almost all the aspects of employee work shifts in restaurants.