Hotschedules Login for Employee

If you are a new employee, you would get your login information from the Manager along with the Welcome sheet. On the login screen just enter your username and password.

Hotschedules Login employee / Sign in

You could also login to Hotshcedules as an employee from the home page The login for Hotschedules employee is available at the top right corner of the page as shown below:

Alternatively you could also login or Sign in to Hotschedules as an employee, from the link given below

Hotschedules login page

Hotschedules login page


If you are an employee and wish to login to Hotschedules from wap, you may use the link below:

How to change the hotschedules login employee  Sign in details?

Once you login / sign in to Hotschedules, you can click the “Edit” near the login details. The username cannot be less than 5 characters in length. The password cannot be less than 4 characters in length. You can change these any number of times as long as you satisfy this condition.

Hotschedules login Employee / Sign in – Forgotten password

If you are an employee and have used Hotschedules before and maintained email on your profile, Hotschedules can send you your password when you enter the email address of your profile.

But if you have not entered your email in the profile, you will need to check with your Manager for Welcome sheet and proper login details. Same thing applies to an employee who is a new user and logging to the system for the very first time.

The Welcome sheet for a new Hotschedules employee contains your login information along with details for accessing hotschedules from a PC, phone, WAP and mobile app.

Hotschedules Login Error

If you are getting error a timeout error during “Hotschedules Login in”, try to do the following:

First and foremost, try to ascertain the type or cause of error.

The error could be just because of some problem in Internet connection. Such errors have nothing to do with “Hotschedules”

Example, if you see the browser showing the page shown below than the Login error is due to Internet connection issue.

Hotschedules login error

Hotschedules login error (not actually hotschedules error)
Page not found when there is no internet connection

Such type of error is due to Internet connectivity issue.You will not be able to connect to Hotschedules login page until the connectivity is restored. When you are facing this error, you many not be able to access any other web pages on browser too. Its not just the HS login page issue.You may have to wait or talk to your ISP (Internet Service provider) to solve this issue.

The second type of Login error would be when your internet connectivity is fine but you see a page that says “Hotschedules error”.

When you see this error, please try to reload or refresh the page 2/3 times with F5 key or enter key on the url address bar.
Its possible that your problem is solved with this.
If not, you would need to delete cache and cookies from your browser.
If you are not familiar with how to do this, you may visit follow the links below:

Once you have delted the cache and cookies files as described above, you may try to login again.

If you are still facing problems, just contact Hotschedules customer care here.

Hotschedules login issues when logged out of mobile app

If it so happens that you log out of Hotscedules or are for some reason in situation that you have to download Hotschedules app again, than you need to know the password to login again with your credentials. When you attempt to login, your username or loginname related to the most recent account will be automatically entered into the username field. But the password field is empty and has to be entered by you.
If you remember the password than you don’t have any issue, but what if you don’t ? Here are the options to retrieve the password-
-The password will be the same that you last set up your account with. So if you remember that password, you are OK.
-If you have setup your account with email, than it would be easy to get the password using that email from Hotschedules using that email address.(provided the email is still linked to your account) Please read about this here.
-Security questions:- If you have setup up the account with security questions and if you remember the answers to them, you would be able to get the password by verifying the answers to these. You will need to contact Hotschedules customer care for it.
-If you have not setup the account or don’t remember the security questions or answers to these, you can still get your password from the Welcome Sheet.
If none of the above helps you in getting your password, just contact your manager to give you a new password. He will print a new Welcome sheet and provide new password to you. After getting this DO NOT forget to setup the account properly either using hotschedules online access or with help of Hotschedules customer care



Hotschedules customer care for the Restaurant employee for all the issues related to hotschedules employee sign in:

Hotschedules support center number is 866.753.3853

Hotschedules support email address is

Hot schedule login support

You could enter your Hotschedules suppport related queries directly at

This support is available from Monday to Friday (7am to 7 pm CT), Saturday and Sunday (8am to 5pm CT)

How to login to Hot schedule as an employee for first time ?

As a first time user and restaurant employee, you will need to get in touch with your manager for the Welcome sheet which has the login details like username and password. Once you have the login details you could login as explained in the section with the link

Hotschedules Login for apps

Hotschedules Login for Windows apps

If you have a mobile with windows OS, please download Hotschedules windows app first.

Hotschedules Login for Android apps

If you wish to use Hotschedules app on your Android O/S mobile, than download Hotschedules Android app .

Hotschedules Login for iOS apps

For using Hotschdeules on an Apple iphone, download Hotschedules IOS app here.