Your permanent absence conditions represent your availability. This could be due to the special classes or training you are attending, other paid assignments, fitness or health issue , or any family related thing etc.

The availability feature in Hotschedules helps your Manager see/know and consider these issues online every time he makes the schedule. It does not remain a written on paper. It is also not something to be relied on the by the Manager’s good memory. Nor has he to  be in constant communication with you.

The availability conditions are permanent and not special situations for which you seek an off from the restaurant.

These availability points need to be discussed with the Manager and accepted to be entered by him in the Hotschedules system.

What hotschedule prevents is paper or offline storage of these.

Availability and requests in hotschedules

Availabilty in Hotschedules
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Requests in Hotschedules

These are your needs of working at specific shifts or taking off from time to time. These are not of permanent nature. The Manager will see these needs when preparing a schedule and try his best to honor them while finalizing schedules.
Requests are mainly of two types in Hotschedules:

One-off Requests (Standard)

These are like single shift requests. Example Single one off request could be a off requested for visit to a dentist.

Reoccurring type

The recurring type Request is one in which a person will be taking same off for some period say 2 to 3 weeks. Example could be special meditation classes, some special coaching etc that lasts for some period and needs you to be there on specific times clashing with that of the Restaurant. If the recurring type request is going to last for longer durations like more than six months, then they may be looked at as permanent availability. You may need to discuss with your Manager about these.

Check  this page for more details relating to logging in to Hotschedules.

Planning your requests in Hotschedules

Both the standard and recurring type requests can be planned 6 months in advance. If multiple people submit requests for same time slots or shifts, then the Manager would generally give preference based on who submitted earlier.

In the same way it is important to remember that there is a cut-off date for each schedule. This cut-off date is like a deadline by which you may submit requests to be considered in the schedule by the Manager.

If the schedule has not been posted but the cut-off has elapsed, generally you would not be able to submit request for that period unless you speak with the Manager.
It is better to specify the reason of the request for the Manager to know your case and understand the need better.

Does the Manager message or inform about approval of request?

It is important to remember that there is no such thing as approval or rejection of request. The Manager just considers these requests when finalizing the schedules. So you will come to know about this when the Manager posts the schedule. He may not inform/ message you separately for each of these unless there are special requests or situations.
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